*Wrecking Brew Vapors* Vape Creator Unflavored E-Liquid

Ready to try your hand at creating a custom vape? Wrecking Brew unflavored e-liquid can help.

Our USA made PG/VG blend is perfect for concocting your very own one-of-a-kind e-liquid flavor!

Custom mixes have always been one of our favorite product offerings. But as of August 8th 2016 under the new FDA regulations, the SmokeScreen crew can no longer make custom recipes or make any other modifications to e-liquid. 

This is our way of bringing you the SmokeScreen customs experience you know and love us for!

Step 1: Pick your flavor

Step 2: Choose your nicotine strength

Step 3: Get mixing

Keep in mind that e-liquid gets better as it ages. Give the molecules time to do their thing properly! Most flavors are tasty in 3-4 days. More complex or richer flavors need 1-2 weeks of steeping.

 by Wrecking Brew Vapors

Check out our Wrecking Brew E-Liquid flavor concentrates here. And don't forget your 3mL syringe for accurate measurements.


E-liquid purchases can not be returned, exchanged, or refunded. Review our policies here.

Check out our blog entry under NEWS and FAQs for more information about our USA-made e-liquid.

Our default PG/VG ratio is 50/50

WARNING: DO NOT vape flavor on its own before diluting into E-Liquid. Follow ALL written instructions included in the DIY kit.