Ohm Meter

Quickly check the resistance of your atomizers!
For use with 808, 510, and eGo connectors.
This meter requires two AA batteries--included.
We highly suggest any vaper building his/her own atomizers check the resistance prior to use in accordance with best safety practices.
Never use an atomizer on an unregulated/unprotected or mechanical device without knowing the resistance of the atomizer!

WARNING: Only use the appropriate batteries in mods. Only high-drain IMR batteries should be used in digital mods. Ensure batteries have been properly charged. If batteries show any damage including dents and exposed parts, discontinue use.

DISCLAIMER: DIY devices including RDAs, RBAs, and RTAs should only be used by advanced vapers.

NOTE: If the atomizer runs below 1.5 ohm, it cannot be used with a standard eGo battery. This tank works with mechanical mods and these digital mods and batteries.