Kuro Concepts Coiling Kit

Make beautiful coils for your RBAs, RDAs, and RTAs!

1 x 1.0mm rod
1 x 1.5mm rod
1 x 2.0mm rod
1 x 2.5mm rod
1 x 3.0mm rod
1 x 3.5mm rod
1 x base
3 x rotation cap
1 x screwdriver

Insert chosen rod into base.
Thread about 3/4 of wire through the hole in the base.
Slide rotation cap over coil rod.
Rotate cap clockwise for number of wraps desired.
Remove cap, rod, and coil. 

Wider diameter creates coils of greater resistance.

DISCLAIMER: Recommended for use by advanced vapers only.

NOTE: If the atomizer runs below 1.5 ohm, it cannot be used with a standard eGo battery. This tank works with mechanical mods and these digital mods and batteries.