Kanger TopBox Mini Starter Kit

The Kanger TopBox Mini Starter Kit has everything you need to vape with ease. The 75 watt, TC capable, KBOX gives you full control over your vaping experience. The Top Tank Mini makes refills effortless. With multiple atomizers for you to try and pass through charging, Kanger has all of your bases covered. What more could you ask for?

1 x Kanger TOPTANK Mini
1 x Kanger KBOX Mini TC- 75
1 x 0.15 Ni 200 coil (TC)
1 x 0.5 SS coil(Stainless Steel TC)
1 x 0.5 Clapton coil
1 x RBA Mini plus
1 x RBA accessory pack
1 x USB cable

WARNING: Only use the appropriate batteries in mods. Only high-drain IMR batteries should be used in digital mods. Ensure batteries have been properly charged. If batteries show any damage including dents and exposed parts, discontinue use. 

DISCLAIMER: Recommended for use by advanced vapers only.