Kanger DripBox Kit

The Kanger DripBox is slim, compact, and makes dripping on the go easy for experienced drippers and novices alike. Either rebuild the coils by hand or simply purchase a new replacement deck. The kit includes a Kanger Dripmod, Subdrip, and other extras. 

1 x Kanger Dripmod with squeeze tank
1 x Kanger Subdrip
1 x Kanger Replacement DripBox coil
1 x USB cable
1 x Replacement squeeze tank
1 x Screwdriver
2 x Replacement screws
2 x Prebuilt Kanthal coils
Japanese Cotton

WARNING: Only use the appropriate batteries in mods. Only high-drain IMR batteries should be used in digital mods. Ensure batteries have been properly charged. If batteries show any damage including dents and exposed parts, discontinue use. 

DISCLAIMER: Recommended for use by advanced vapers only.