Aspire Pegasus

With the Aspire Pegasus switching between temperature control and power mode has never been easier. This mod switches automatically--no confusing menus.* Attach the atomizer or tank of your choice, and the device will detect if it is nickel, titanium, or kanthal coil. With a max output of 70 watts (power mode) or 600 degrees F (temperature mode), the Pegasus has power to spare. Changing power output is as simple as turning the dial at the top of the mod.

*When changing atomizers, always make sure the wick is fully saturated then press the fire button for 4 seconds. This allows the device to detect the coil and switch to the correct mode. Watch the display screen while doing this. As soon as it switches to the correct mode, the device is ready for use. The Pegasus sends a 30-watt pulse to the coil during this time. 

1 x Aspire Pegasus
1 x USB charging cable

Battery: 1 x 18650 external battery (not included)
Threading: 510
Range: 1 - 70 watts / 200-600 degrees F
Compatible resistance: Power Mode: 0.2 ohm - 5 ohm / Temperature Mode: 0.1 ohm and higher
Other: OLED display
Protection: atomizer short circuit; low battery voltage shut off (3.3 volts); temperature protection

WARNING: Only use the appropriate batteries in mods. Only high-drain IMR batteries should be used in digital mods. Ensure batteries have been properly charged. If batteries show any damage including dents and exposed parts, discontinue use. 

DISCLAIMER: Recommended for use by advanced vapers only.