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We're hiring!

12 August, 2015

Do you love all things vaping??

Helloooooo, Long Beach!

22 July, 2015

SmokeScreen 3.0?? Heck yes!

Gautier Smoking Ordinance

04 June, 2014

Can you still vape in Gautier??

Gautier city council needs to hear from you!

15 May, 2014

Read here about how to give your opinion smoking & vaping ban in Gautier.

Possible ban on smoking & vaping in Gautier, MS...

15 April, 2014

SmokeScreen, LLC will be attending the public meeting tonight at #Gautier City Hall. The preliminary language of the ordinance includes a ban on #ecigs as well and specifically defines #vaping as #smoking. We encourage anyone with concerns about either activity (pro or con) to make an appearance.


Visit the city's page for more details and preview the model policy here.