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October means Melons, Meets, & Sales!

01 October, 2015

We've got a lot going on for the rest of the year. Here's what's happening!

October 2 through October 9 take advantage of our fall web sale just for our long-distance vapers.

October means boobs! If you'd like to participate in advancing the fight against breast cancer, it's as simple as purchasing one of your all-time favorite vapes--Melon Medley. For every 15mL and 50mL purchased, we will donate $2 toward breast cancer research. How easy is that? 

Vape Meet #7 is coming up! Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 24. Join our Long Beach crew for giveaways, a costume contest, and clouds. Snag a deal when you buy-sell-trade with fellow vapers too!


And the holiday season wouldn't be complete without toys. All 3 SmokeScreen locations are participating in a toy drive this season to benefit the Children's Hospital in New Orleans. Drop off a new toy and save 10% on your purchase!