Most Popular E-Liquids in Biloxi

04 July, 2018

Smokescreen - The Best E-Liquids in Biloxi

Smokescreen LLC started in 2011 and was the only brick-and-mortar e-cigarette shop open in southern Mississippi at the time. Second and third locations quickly opened nearby during the following years. The fourth location finally opened in Biloxi Mississippi, and it is the place to fulfill all your vaping needs. Smokescreen has a knowledgeable staff that is always there to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Speaking of which, are you looking for some new e-liquids to savor? They offer a plethora of flavors to enjoy. You may even discover some new favorites.

Eliquid Biloxi MS - Best of Smokescreen

Are you curious to try something new? Smokescreen only provides the highest quality e-liquids to its Biloxi guests. You don't need to feel intimidated if you're a rookie. There are perfect e-liquids for any user level. Smokescreen even offers flavorless e-liquid used to customize your own flavor and strength. At this point, you may be wondering what your other choices are. Several creative e-liquids are offered. It doesn't matter if you like fruity, creamy, rich, tobacco, menthol, or earthy flavors. You'll find them all.

Wrecking Brew E-Liquid

Wrecking Brew e-liquid is made with the highest quality ingredients in the United States. It is fantastic if you're looking for a great throat hit. There are several to choose from. Smokescreen offers Wrecking Brew flavors based on the seven deadly sins. Each one has such a perfect taste that it should be forbidden. Here's a small sample of other popular flavors they have to offer.

  • Batman's Tears
    - Fruity
    - Slight sourness
    - Mostly thought to be the result of Robin's shortcomings
  • Blueberry Ice
    - Cool and refreshing
    - Nice and fruity balance
    - Tasty blueberry
    - Great for menthol lovers
  • Dark Forest
    - Crisp apples
    - Berries
  • Cinna's Revenge
    - Cinnamon taste is rich
    - Great for spice lovers

Smokescreen Original E-Liquid

Smokescreen offers their own in-house e-liquids. Again, they are made with quality American ingredients. These dark flavors offer some of the classic tastes you've come to know. Below are some you may like.

  • Bayou Brew
    - Rich
    - Strong coffee taste
    - Wakes you up
  • Tobacco
    - Classic tobacco flavor
    - Perfect for previous smokers
  • Dragon's Blood
    - Classic name with a twist
    - Popular
    - Dragon fruit keeps your taste buds flying high

Best Selling E-Liquids

You now have a few unique options. However, you must know about the most popular flavors, right? You better believe they are popular for a reason. Their one-of-a-kind tastes will keep you wanting more.

  • Corn Bread Puddin' - by Country Clouds
    - Brings back old memories
    - Buttery and crispy cornbread taste
    - Sweet flavors of vanilla and sugar
  • Berries and Cream - by the Milk Maestro
    - Serenade of berries
    - The rich and creamy swirl brings them together in harmony
  • Caramel Cappuccino by the Wrecking Brew
    - Tastes just like the real thing
    - Rich alternating flavors of caramel and coffee
    - Perfect for cozy mornings

Eliquid Biloxi MS - Variety and Quality at Smokescreen

Smokescreen has been pioneering the vaping world for seven years. Their staff knows more about vaping and e-cigarettes than most. They carry any accessories, kits, and e-liquids you could dream of. The flavors listed today are just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, they're made with all-American ingredients. There are several other brands and flavor options to try. Check them out today and see for yourself! Smokescreen has stores in Biloxi, Gautier, Gulfport, and Long Beach. Visit online or in person to fulfill your e-liquid desires.

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