FDA Regulations: The Countdown

31 July, 2016

In one week the new FDA deeming regulations go into effect. There will be many changes implemented at at all three SmokeScreen locations to ensure we are compliant. 

We will be issuing a statement soon with as much information as we can regarding the upcoming changes. These new restrictions will change our product offerings and what we can and can't do as a retailer. 

SmokeScreen opened in 2011 with a goal of offering a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and we have never let that go. While these new regulations restrict much of what we currently do and offer we have been and will continue to work to always put this goal first. 
Of course you can always speak with any of the SmokeScreen crew with any questions or concerns you may have as well. Thank you to everybody for your continued business and remember, no matter what - Vape on!
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