MS Attorney General Wants E-cigs Regulated

25 September, 2013

In response to the article posted on WLOX:

E-cig availability to children will be the FDA's gateway argument into burdensome regulation. Deeming e-cigs or related supplies as "tobacco products" would allow a number of scenarios to play out all ending with higher costs to businesses and thus vapers. Consumers' freedom of choice will be restricted. A burgeoning, exciting new industry which is thriving in South MS and successfully contributing to our local economies will be crushed.

None of the vape shop owners here on the MS Gulf Coast would risk their reputations, future success, their own livelihoods and that of their employees for a few dollars from some kids. As adults and former smokers ourselves, we would agree that vaping just like smoking is a decision to made by adults.

So it is again time to pass on your thoughts to the powers that be. We do ask that you keep any correspondence professional, factual, and rational.

Thank you,

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