Friday Night Build Meet (now Friday Night Workshop)

02 June, 2014

Ready for some advanced vaping?

Two and half years ago when SmokeScreen first opened, pitching the benefits of a "huge" 650mah eGo style battery versus the tiny 808s and mini 510s really was like pulling teeth! And when smokers saw the ol' Puresmoker Prodigy (fancy!) Kevin & I were rockin' at the time, well, we always enjoyed their reactions. 
Boy, has the perception of vaping changed! Whereas back then we couldn't get four mods a month off the shelf, now beginner vapers are more than open to truly understanding mods and are happy to walk away with that large, shiny, variable wattage or mech device! Here's a related & short video about how people's ideas of what's acceptable change. It's hilarious!
All this is to say that the technology and acceptance of advanced devices has come so far and yet full circle since in the beginning almost ANY vaping was DIY and considered "advanced". We want to further encourage and nurture this shift with our Friday Night Build Meet. Each week we are featuring a mod & tank combo as a kit with a sweet discount. Look for the Mod of the Week in the Featured Items or under Mechanical Mods. Then every Friday night at 7 pm we are hosting "build meets" which focus on how to construct the proper atomizer (wick & wire configuration) for the tank of the week. Although we are spotlighting particular products, anyone interested in any sort of advanced vaping is welcome! Your skill level or vape gear of choice does not matter!
Each week will alternate locations. The first one will take place at SmokeScreen Gulfport this Friday. We hope to see many vapers, hobbyists, and tinkers at the Friday Night Build Meet!

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