Statement from Wrecking Brew Vapors

19 January, 2014

SmokeScreen recently posted the statement below on Facebook as a complement to the post written by Justin at Wrecking Brew Vapors. Both are worth sharing here on our website for those who may not enjoy Facebook.


Sadly, statements like this must be made. SmokeScreen, LLC whole-heartedly agrees with Justin's post. We select our e-liquid vendors and stock suppliers very thoughtfully. We handle and prepare e-liquid cautiously and carefully. We have always been transparent about what is in our e-liquid and from where our products come. 

We encourage you to ask us questions (that's what our jobs are all about) especially if someone who is not involved with our company attempts to cast shadows on what we do. Losing a customer for any reason is upsetting. Losing a customer to jealously, maliciously seeded ignorance is depressing and infuriating. If you decide not to frequent any particular retailer, then do so for reasons that you know to be true. Please do yourself and this industry a favor and vape with a professional, reputable, knowledgeable shop.

Thank you,
Lacey, Kevin, & the SmokeScreen Crew


It's been brought to my attention that customers are hearing disturbing things from other vape shops such as Wrecking Brew Vapors "waters down" or "cuts" its e-liquid with water, alcohol, and even allows toxic chemicals like Diacetyl. Not only is all that completely false, but it is slanderous in nature. I am disheartened and angered that the rumors have become such as issue that they must be addressed in this manner.

To be specific about the chemistry of e-liquid: All of the flavorings we use are food-grade. Prior to being added to the PG-VG-nicotine base, flavorings are already suspended in a PG, VG, DISTILLED WATER or a PGA (Pure Grain Alcohol) solution to keep them from separating. The amounts of these vary but are minuscule. This is why we cannot offer a truly VG-only e-liquid unless it’s unflavored. We do not “add” or “cut” with additional amounts of the ingredients mentioned.

One of the more inflammatory claims we have heard is in regards to Diacetyl which is a compound in some butter and custard food flavorings. A few years ago Diacetyl made big news for causing “popcorn lung”. Factory workers involved in making butter flavored microwave popcorn frequently inhaled Diacetyl and developed a terrible lung condition. Diacetyl is too controversial for any reputable e-liquid maker to include it in its products. We diligently research every flavor and vendor to ensure no unwanted ingredients are making their way into our e-liquids. WRECKING BREW VAPORS DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER use any flavorings that contain Diacetyl. The goal of vaping is harm reduction, so why would we intentionally put a known harmful substance in our e-liquid?

As a business owner and an employee at Smokescreen, I've always been of the mindset that I'm here to offer a service not mudsling and trash talk other shops. We are all in this for the same reason--to provide you with a healthier alternative to cigarettes. I'm not going to play this game where I tell you that other people's e-liquids or other shops' products are garbage and you could die by using them. Never have and never will. There is no way for me to accurately know how other owners conduct their businesses unless I have been directly told so. And the same is true for any other business making claims about Wrecking Brew Vapors.

As a notice to anyone who is spreading this slander and impacting my business negatively, I will not stand for it and will contact an attorney if necessary.

Sorry for the rant, but this has been brought up by several customers regarding several shops. I'm not calling out any of them in particular, but they should all be ashamed. Vaping should be a community of like-minded individuals who all are in it for a common purpose: the betterment of ourselves and each other. That is not how I see the community here sometimes, and it saddens me.

-- Justin, Wrecking Brew Vapors

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